July Seasonal Tips


Early flowering shrubs and herbaceous plants will need cutting back after flowering to encourage fresh growth.  Deadhead roses, peonies and pansies.  Divide bearded irises every three or four years but remember they like a dry well drained position and if replanting make sure the rhizome is not completely buried. Orientate them north/south with the leaf fan at the north so that the rhizome can be baked in the sun.

Now is a good time to divide clumps of daffodils; either replant straight away or dry them off for replanting in August /September.

The vegetable plot should be producing good results now but think about succession sowing of lettuce, beetroot , turnip and early maturing carrots.

Pinch out the tips of runner beans when they reach the top of their support. Tie in tomatoes. Sow peas and salads for succession, beetroot, carrots, swedes and a few more runner beans for a late crop.

Courgettes, marrows and squash love a rich soil and plenty of water. The ideal place to grow them is on last year’s compost heap provided it is in a sunny place.

Keep the hoe moving to keep the weeds down.