December Seasonal Tips


Pruning of apple and pear trees can be done this month cutting back secondary growths since summer, to one bud . Blackcurrants should be pruned now taking out 1/3rd of old wood  and removing dead or weak wood. Prune blackberries but do not prune peaches, plums or cherries now.

This is the best time for major pruning and shaping of old wood on shrub roses but rake up any leaves to help prevent spread of diseases. Lightly fork around the roses to aerate the soil and alleviate compaction.

Lift and store dahlia and begonia tubers in a frost free place. Lift crowns of rhubarb and plant in a bucket in a warm and dark place for forcing.

Ground for next year’s runner beans can be prepared now and covered with manure or compost.

December is a good time for scrubbing boxes and pots ready for next Spring’s seed sowing. Also for sharpening and mending any tools or sitting by the fire with a warming drink preparing next year’s seed list



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