Little Green Fingers

This section is aimed at encouraging young gardeners and will be updated from time to time.

Check out great hints and tips about sowing seeds, watering, potting and composting and even tasty recipes for you to try.

Lets start with the easiest seeds of all – Cress.


Getting Started

Cress seeds need warmth and moisture to grow. Don’t let the soil dry out, but don’t drown your seedlings either – spray once or twice a day with water should be enough.


Cress is the easiest of crops to grow. You can also harvest your cress seedlings as peppery microgreens when they are just a few centimetres high.

When To Plant

Cress can be grown all year on a sunny windowsill.

Where To Plant

Cress is mainly grown in shallow pots or trays filled with sterile potting mix.


Mist your cress seedlings with water frequently so the soil stays moist.

Get Potty

Cress is easy to grow in a pot or small container. For a fun project, cut the top off a boiled egg, eat the egg, then fill the shell with damp cotton wool and place your cress seed paper on top. When the cress appears, draw a funny face on the egg.


Expert Tips

If you are growing cress on a window sill, turn the seedling pot every few days so the stems grow straight.

Cress seeds will even grow without soil on a damp piece of kitchen towel or cotton wool spread on a saucer. Mist it with water every day and cress seedlings should soon appear. You could even have fun making shapes or letters out of the kitchen towel or cotton wool.