Winners 2019



Plants and Flowers

Albert Coleshill Memorial Trophy


Winner Class 101


Stoke Poges Wexham & Fulmer Horticultural Society

Lord Grantly Challenge Cup


Winner Class 108


Ray Birt

Lady Bisset Memorial Cup


Winner Class 113


Maureen Barton

Colebrook Cup


Most points 122-126


Denis Collman

Frederick Mortlock Memorial Cup


Best Exhibit 127-130


Steven Price

Moore Rose Cup


Winner Class 133


Margriet Wells

Vernon Brown Challenge Cup


Best Exhibit Classes 136 and 137


Joanna Battagel

Rose Society Bronze Medal


Best Exhibit Classes 134-135


Denis Collman

Hargreaves Sweet Pea Cup


Winner Class 139


Jon Homan

Manton Cup


Best Exhibit Classes 139-142


Jon Homan

Howard Vyse Challenge Cup


Most points Classes 139-142


Maureen Barton

Sangster Cup


Best Exhibit Classes 143-145

Jon Homan


Moore   Floral Cup


Most points Sections 1 and 2


Steven Price

Lady Howard Vyse Cup


Best exhibit Sections 1 and 2

(excluding Class 151)


Costas Papathanasiou

British Cement Association Challenge Cup

Winner  Class 147

Stoke Poges, Wexham & Fulmer Horticultural Society
W. David Hartley Memorial Cup


Winner Class 151


Not Awarded



Fruit and Vegetables

C C Griffiths Trophy

Best exhibit in Section 3



Helen Barnard

Dandridge Challenge Cup

Winner Class 306



Maureen Barton

Frank Lawrence Cup

Most points Class 306-339



Margriet Wells

Joiner Cup

Most outstanding vegetable exhibit



John Cox

Martin Cup

Second highest points Classes 306-339



Anne Bunce, Felicity Hawkins & Joanna Battegel

National Vegetable Society Medal

Most meritorious exhibit, Classes 308-337, excluding 330


Felicity Hawkins

Noel Mobbs Challenge Cup

Winner Class 301



Margriet Wells

J C Allgrove Memorial Cup

Winner Class 304



Arthur Head

Thomas Taylor Memorial  Trophy

Winner Class 330



Not Awarded

Victor J Hartley Memorial Cup

Winner Class 307



Maureen Barton

William Hartley Memorial Cup

Most points 301-305



Margriet Wells

Banksian Medal *




Margriet Wells



* Largest total prize money, Horticultural Classes (Sections 1,2 and 3) except Classes 101, 108, 147, 148, 150-153 and 340-349 unless the Exhibitor has been awarded the Medal in the last 2 years in which case the Medal will be awarded to the next eligible Exhibitor.


Primary Schools Trophy: Winner — Wexham Court Primary School

Each year the judging criteria for the Trophy are agreed by representatives of the Society and the schools themselves.

For 2019 each of our 3 Primary Schools in Stoke Poges, Wexham and Fulmer has been challenged to grow the heaviest amount  of potatoes in a growbag.  The theme for the gardens this year is “You are What you Eat” with the added challenge of creating a Scarecrow depicting this subject.


Home Economics, Wine, Crafts and Art

The Alex Marsden Cup


Most outstanding exhibit Classes 513-517


John Field

The Rose Price Trophy


Most points Classes 513-517


Margriet Wells

Miss F Judd Challenge Cup


Most points Classes 501-505


Ann Milne

Mrs E Marsden Trophy


Most points Classes 506-512


Rebecca Cottrell

David Cornall

Mrs M A Appleby Challenge Cup


Winner Class 512


Kate Holliday

Devening Memorial Cup


Best exhibit Classes 510-511


Anne Bunce

Mrs R Hartley Challenge Cup

Best exhibit Classes 526-531

Denise Clark


Pascoe Trophy

Best exhibit Classes 518-525

Heather Homan
Mrs A P Johnson Challenge Cup


Winner Class 525

Heather Homan



Barclays Bank Cup


Most points under 7 age group


James Meadows-Wright

Stoke Green Cup


Most points 7 – 11 age group


Steven Lindsay

Sunnyside Cup


Most points 11 – 16 age group


Eloise Taylor

Woodbridge Cup


Best exhibit in Horticultural Classes  (any age)


Eloise Taylor

Ruby M Cook Cup


Best exhibit in Floral Art Classes (any age)


Abbie Milne

Winsor Trophy


Best exhibit in Cookery Classes (any age)


Millie Booker

School Cup


Best exhibit Art and Craft Classes (any age)


Jason Bennett

Tony Lock Cup


Best Model Classes 630, 634, 638 or 639


Not Awarded

RHS Award of Merit


Best Miniature Garden in Horticultural Section

Simeon Crooks




Picture Frame


Best Junior Photo


Beth Lawrence



The J T Ireland Cup


Most Colourful Pub


The Rose & Crown

The Bishop’s Garden Service


Best Front Garden


Second Place


Third Place


1st. Brian Jeans


2nd Pat & Andre Franke



The Ned Hartley Cup


Best Allotment – Stoke Poges


Mr & Mrs Bragg

The Annie Russell-Jones Cup


Best Allotment – Fulmer


Dr Adrienne Leon

The Trade Trophy


Best Trade Display at Show


Wexham Mowers

The John Snagge Cup


Best Classic Car at Show


Jeanette Hartley

Special Fuchsia Award


Members Handout Class


Maureen Barton

The Michael Mobbs Cup **




Ruth Rooley

The Guinness Trophy


Best exhibit for a Horticultural Project  ages 16-30


Lois Ficker



To be awarded to the individual or group who has made a significant difference to the Show or the Society in the past year.