Welcome to the website for Stoke Poges Wexham & Fulmer Horticultural Society.

Founded in 1884, the Society was granted  Charitable status in 1983, with the objective of “the advancement and improvement of horticulture for the public benefit”.



Photographs of the presentation can be seen in the Gallery – see About

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In the absence of last year’s Annual Plant Sale and Show, Maureen Barton, a member of our committee,
set up a Facebook page “Growing Together” to encourage people to garden.

She provides tips, advice and practical videos from her own garden. In just 12 months there are
now over 6,800 followers and lots of appreciative feedback. During Lockdown she
has created two further Facebook pages, within the restrictions of Covid 19,
for followers to swap surplus plants and produce, and to share seeds for
sowing. For further information see https://www.facebook.com/groups/1431012233745894/?ref=share

The Horticultural Society is offering a NEW BURSARY 

see Whats On for further information


The Horticulture Society has been nominated to be one of the charities to receive money from the Co-op Community Fund from 28 OCTOBER 2020 to 23 OCTOBER 2021.    The money raised will go towards the cost of putting on the Annual Show. 

The support of the Co-op has been invaluable for recent shows and helps to go towards the cost of the large marquee which is what makes the show unique and traditional.   A big thank you to all those who chose the Society as their charity and to the Co-op for their Community Fund for support during the funding period that has just ended.

Action is needed NOW !    

Co-op members must confirm/reconfirm their choice of charity to receive support for every new period of funding.    The current 12 month funding period has just ended, now is the time to confirm/reconfirm for the coming year.

Co-op members can choose a cause to support by signing into their membership account or calling the membership helpline on – T :  0800 – 023 – 4708.    Or via https://causes.coop.co.ukBut please be sure to nominate our Horticultural Society (Charity Number 283786).    Here’s the unique link for the Society https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/30869    Please sign up, nominate the Society, and ask your family, neighbours and friends to choose us to support the Annual Show.