From the Pumpkin Patch

The Summer Holidays are over but the veg garden is still going strong. This is my first attempt at growing pumpkins for Halloween and the weather must have been ideal this year. Planted the seeds back in June and when I cut the leaves back last week this is what I found! All that rain has resulted in some rapid growth. There are only two pumpkins but they are whoppers. They are a bit pale but hopefully now the leaves aren’t covering them they will start to turn a lovely orange. I’m not sure if they will grow any more but I will take my bathroom scales out and weigh them soon. I’ve put them on roof tiles so they won’t rot and put Panda there for scale!

2 thoughts on “From the Pumpkin Patch

  1. pandaspatch says:

    A few days ago I took them off the plant to ripen as they didn’t seem to be getting very orange and they had stopped growing. They can spend their days in the sun (if there is any!) and come in at night if frost is forecast. Don’t know if they are just a pale type of pumpkin or there is just not enough sun.
    They weighed in at 13kg (pumpkin 1) and 9kg (pumpkin 2). I was quite impressed until I looked up the World Record which is 1,190 kg! Maybe next year…

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