OCTOBER Seasonal Tips

Last month of the year to lay turf or sow lawns. Aerate and scarify established lawns and raise the height of mower blades for final cuts to keep grass slightly longer to withstand winter. Consider giving established lawns a feed to reinvigorate following the hot summer.

Complete bulb planting including tulips.

Finish all hedge trimming and clear away dead leaves including the dead leaves of rhubarb. Plant new rhubarb crowns and cover with manure.

Harvest all autumn fruit. Plant winter lettuce under glass and lift a few roots of mint, put in boxes in a warm place for winter use. Earth up leeks and celery. Lift and store carrots and beetroot. Cut down tomato plants and ripen any late tomatoes in the greenhouse or kitchen window sill.

Lift dahlia tubers, cut off the tops and store the tubers in a dry frost free place. Do the same with gladioli corms. Plant wallflowers for Spring colour.

On climbing roses cut side shoots back to leave two buds and on bush roses cut back long stems to reduce wind rock. Wash down the greenhouse with diluted Jeyes fluid or similar before insulating for the winter

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